Ultra Modern Rotating Hanging Stoves Design with Open Fire by Leenders

March 12, 2015 Category: Uncategorized  

modern rotating hanging stoves design

Looking for best sample home interior decorating ideas with ultra modern design rotating hanging stoves and unique furniture open fireplace? To makes dramatic atmosphere interior your house, this is hanging stoves create fresh and original innovation interior furniture. The Pharos Interior rotating stove is the latest and greatest from this Netherlands based company (Leenders). This open fire stove boasts a modern yet traditional shape that’s fixed to the ceiling, making a stylish statement in the living room, dining room, bedroom or den. A built-in spark screen puts safety first, but style isn’t far behind! This elegant open fire stove is available as a fixed, 60° or 360° rotating design, so you can enjoy an open flame from every angle. The stove pipe length can be customized to suit your ceiling height, so whether your home has cozy low ceilings or grand tall ones, this hanging stove is the perfect fit. Get warmth in your home with ultra modern and minimalist rotating hanging stoves interior design photos innovation from Harrie Leenders. [via]

ultra modern rotating hanging stoves 

rotating hanging stoves open fire 

photo rotating hanging stoves interior design