Ultra Minimalist Wall Shelf Enclosure with Hooks Decorations

January 28, 2015 Category: Uncategorized  

modern wall shelf designs

Check out this integrated wall shelf hooks decor that looking as double function. When we were seeing the first glance of this house accessory we will though that this stuff was suitable for our bathroom space, kitchen space, or even our foyer space. Those thought was come from the layouts that we can see in this appliance. We can see that the storage system of these decorations was use as the complement, but from the functional we can mention that this hook was the perfect decoration here. Come and get the complete layouts of these ultra minimalist shelving hooks ideas. We can use the top side of this wall shelf as the real shelf. We can place our stuff such as bathing stuff, seasoning stuff, or our small accessory here while the hook can be uses to hanging our stuff. Completed with the decorative color application, now we can give our space in our home with this beautiful performance of these shelving ideas. We can apply these modern wall shelf designs. [via]

integrated wall shelf hooks decor 

minimalist shelving hooks ideas 

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