Southampton Beach House Design by Alexander Gorlin Architects

March 3, 2015 Category: House design  

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The project Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects, the interior of a summer house on the East End of the Hamptons takes full advantage of its location between the bay and the ocean to offer views of both. Structural and interior detailing with European limestone and African hardwood, Afromosia. Information from the Architects :
Our recently completed 12,000 square foot summer house for a family of four in the East End of the Hamptons takes full advantage of its location between the bay and the ocean to offer views of both. With an emphasis on entertaining, the house includes guest suites, staff quarters, an outdoor pool and a rooftop terrace. Meticulous attention has been paid to the structural and interior detailing. The house is sheathed in European limestone and a rare African hardwood, Afromosia, that continues throughout the interior. The entrance is dominated by a dramatic cantilevered room on the upper floor that extends 20 feet over a patio. Created for a family of four, the house comprises three master bedrooms, three guest suites, staff quarters, and extensive living and entertaining areas. These communal rooms give onto an expansive terrace shielded from its southern exposure by a cantilevered sun shade. From here, a raised swimming pool with an infinity edge overlooks the ocean while a wooden boardwalk extends to the private beach below. [via]

summer house exterior limestone afromosia wood 

summer house southampton architecture 

private beach house swimming pool 

meticulous the structural interior detailing 

interiors european limestone african hardwood 

outdoor pool rooftop terrace southampton 

beach house extensive living entertaining areas 

beach house ocean wooden boardwalk extends 

beach house expansive terrace shielded 


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