Simple Roof House Construction Ideas

April 11, 2015 Category: House design  

wooden roof house constructions

The simple roof house design ideas was inspired those who love in simple design but still use the functional style of a house decoration. Clearly we can see the flat style of the roof was completed the theme of this house. This flat decoration was look match with the whole design of the house. The material that uses to build this roof was come from the compatible material of nature. We have just collected them and gather in one design. The wooden roof house constructions of this house make us being real human since the symbol of flat itself was imply the same right of human. We have to honest that nowadays human was being don’t care one and other. Trough this roof decoration we were invited to be care with the people surround us. The other decoration that surrounds this house was the garden space and the river in front of this house. As the whole decoration that thought from the human personality, these natural roof house layouts was totally show off. [source]

folded roof house and pool 

natural roof house layouts 

simple roof house design ideas