Photos of Modern Glass Stunning Fireplaces by Bloch-Design

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contemporary glass for fireplaces bloch design

Modern glass for fireplaces and hearths are the perfect way to give your living room or dining room the perfect focal point. Safely contained within a glass fireplace enclosure, the bewitching flames will invite you, your family and your guests to linger. It is an ancient spell rekindled – we have always relied on fire to warm us, provide us with light and cook our food. Now, we can allow this life-giving elemental power into our homes, but in a totally stylish, contemporary and family-friendly way. There is a real simplicity to the design, whether you prefer a pyramid or rectangular shape, with clear or tinted glass. This stunning Glass Fireplace design by Bloch-Design. [source]

modern glass fireplace bloch design 

bloch modern fire glass fireplaces 

glass fireplaces for modern homes