Open Plan Interior Design Ideas – Studio Apartment

March 19, 2015 Category: Apartments, Interior Design  

open plan living room apartment

These awesome interior design for open plan apartment, design for a young couple with a small space apartment. Supported by a fresh and bright white for wall color, with make this contemporary apartment look large than the true. Separated with a thin wall and a LCD screen TV, we can directly move from living room to the kitchen. Close to the kitchen we can found beautiful scenery from the small and vintage balcony. Completed with the kitchen set cabinet, we will found a joining wash basin and a light of dining set in the corner. These small studio apartment floor plans offered a living room close to the sleeping area to minimize the space. For a perfect combination, we can use same theme with same color for this joining space. Event not for all custom, but we can use the same theme for the cushions in the living room with the pillow in our sleeping area. Move to other space, we can use a modern and simple room that build for two. Here we can use for take a shower and for wash our clothes. Hang in the wall, near to the square was basin we will found a simple and light of white color for the closet. Now, let see these studio apartment interior design pictures. Photography by innerspec

open plan studio apartment 

studio apartment floor plans 

studio apartment bathroom interiors 

open plans bedroom in small apartment 

small studio apartment design 


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  1. rajesh pareek says:

    it is a very cute studio appartment for young copule

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