Open Carport Plans and Car Garage Interiors Design Concept

March 11, 2015 Category: Interior Design  

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A garage design is the perfect place for the decorations if you have room, open carport garage if you have a large yard. Or maybe you have two or three car garage but only one car to put in it. All that extra garage space can be put to good use for more things than just empty. Carport plans to offer shelter closed for one or more public transport. Carports usually provide protection only from the top and do not have a protective exterior wall or carport garage door. For more creative ideas, the garage can also be in combination with game room, gym or workout area, play room, or the garage workshop. Listed below are some great ideas of what you can do with the extra garage space and several garages inspiration if you want to modify the plans of the garage in car garage interiors design samples. [via]

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