New 2011 IKEA Showroom and Furniture Catalogue

April 16, 2015 Category: Furniture  

new 2011 ikea catalogue edition

This new 2011 IKEA catalogue edition was showing not only the furniture edition but also the showroom decoration that show off the perfect furniture design from IKEA. We can see from the space saving ornament until the decorative edition can be seen here. The entire furniture arrangements of this showroom were try to show off the best decoration from IKEA product. We can see the comfortable living room IKEA showroom ideas that completed with the white leather sofa furniture. The wall divider and the LCD TV plasma was completed the theme of comfortable space. We can welcome our guest here and take a converse with our family member also. Furthermore, there was also the simple 2011 IKEA kitchen decor that can be completed with the space saving 2011 IKEA cabinet designs. Both of that elements can be completed each other, but here the IKEA was try to use the cabinet as the storage for kids stuff. For further information about this decoration, we can try on to go to this site and catch up the complete edition of the modern wardrobe 2011 IKEA showroom. Also see 2011 IKEA catalog furniture collection.

modern wardrobe 2011 ikea showroom 

comfortable living room ikea showroom ideas 

simple 2011 ikea kitchen decor 

space saving 2011 ikea cabinet designs 

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