Modern White House Designs with Bright Interior Decor

January 30, 2015 Category: House design, Interior Design  

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The simple house decorating plans from Tony Owen Partners were looking amazing and gorgeous. We can see that this house was the living space that represents the modern and minimalist decorations in futuristic design. The outdoor space of this house was cover with the simple and clean layouts while when we were come in to this house we will see the bright decorative living space decorations that combine with the glass material and modern furniture decor. We can get both comfortable and looking extraordinary through this space. Furthermore, the kitchen space included with other supporting room was use the same theme and similar concept of both modern and minimalist. The staircase was complete this house as the direct link to the second floor. The glass material still focuses in these decorative white house interior layouts. The white color applications were completed with the black and purple color decorations. Now, we can get the complete layouts of this house through the minimalist white house designs and added by the modern white house designs ideas.

minimalist white house design 8444 

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