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March 7, 2015 Category: House design  

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Nowadays there are so much more inspiration that comes from house design, include this kind of special design, the inspiration urban house design. This urban house design often found in the urban area as Mexico City. This kind of house has irregular form which responds to different parts of landscape. A blend of Limestone, glass and steel was used to give the house a strong modern even minimalist view in the house itself. This house is strongly connected with outdoor spaces with a beautiful view around it. Natural colors and materials will help house to be in contrast with the landscape and the elegance of course.

The build of this modern urban house design based on modern house plans also. Where the sophisticated security and surveillance systems as preventive steps to increasing violence and danger. For example like the innovations of video monitoring software to detect unusual activity and then alert the homeowners or the police as the warning. And many of those are going ‘green’ to maximize temperature control and to cuts down the energy consumption and things like that. This modern urban house design ideas by Gomez Crespo Arquitectos. [via]

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