Modern Sustainable House Designs with Open landscaping Inspirations

February 13, 2015 Category: House design  

minimalist black house designs

These open landscaping living room planer and translucent white living room ideas were become a nice combination for this house since this house was have a panoramic view and even the landscape view of the outdoor space of this house was look simple but the view of this house was very calm and fresh. Villa Skäret Designed by Helsingborg-based Chahrour Huhtilainen A+D architects. If we were looking down this house design carefully, we will see the humble wooden terrace inspirations were build in integrate with the living room space. The open landscaping of this living room was show the integrated concept with the terrace space and it was nice. Other inside space that will inspire us was the minimal look kitchen interior that show the practicality concept design of this house. Just spark with colorless application and show the applicable thought of the architect. These simple and humble home designs imaginations were spark along the side of this house and we can see directly through this page. These sustainable black and white house concepts were completed with the smart thought of those bright lights black home plans and modern black house designs. [via]

sustainable black and white house concept 

humble wooden terrace inspirtaions 

translucent white living room ideas 

minimal look kitchen interior 

open landscaping living room planer 

simple and humble home designs imaginations 

bright lights black home plans