Modern Sustainable House Design by Robert Mills Architects

April 11, 2015 Category: House design  

modern sustainable house layouts

These modern sustainable house layouts in this house construction will attracted us with the decoration of the outdoor space first. We can see from the whole layout of this house architectural design that built from the concrete decoration. The cube design of this house was imply the modern house completely. We can see from the outdoor space that this house was also complete with the glass decoration. Going inside to this house we will see the comfortable living room sustainable house decor that support with the comfortable sofa set decoration. The color combination of the interior and the furniture was very suitable and match each other. There was also a great spiral staircase close to this space that design linked to the second floor. Special for the bedroom, the designer was placing the open plan bedroom sustainable house plans that use glass material to decorate this space. As the complete design of modern style, this house also completed with the minimalist house workspace decor ideas. [source]

outdoor sustainable house design 

comfortable living room sustainable house decor 

open plan bedroom sustainable house plans 

modern sustainable kitchen design 

minimalist house workspace decor ideas 

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