Modern Sustainable Desert House Plans with Minimalist Concept by Lloyd Russell Architects

March 21, 2015 Category: House design  

modern desert house design

Special for a person who live in the desert, this simple desert house design was a right choice. This contemporary design of the house was present the comfortable and friendly home, event we’re in the middle of the desert. Located in the sampling location, California was close to the situation in the real desert. Since this modern sustainable house plans was design in simple form Lloyd Russell Architects design the house with the functional space. Enter this house; we will see the open space kitchen and other space that can see the scenery in other space. The natural care from the architect can be seen from the materials that build with recycled, reused and natural concept. This simple and perfect house has a special space for the air circulation. Cole to the roof, there was an open space for the air to be change directly and quickly. This special space was design not only for the air, but also for the sun to give the light for the house. The special design canopy will cover this modern house design. Now, let’s start to designing and building a home in the desert. Lloyd Russell

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