Modern Functional House Plans Storage Design

April 25, 2015 Category: House design  

colorful storage system decor

These unique cube storage decor ideas was designed for those who love in stylish look but still care with the functional side of a house accessory. We can see clearly that this decoration was looking match with almost entire room theme. Trough the size and the decoration of this shelf we can try to give the best decoration for our home space. Looking down trough these functional integrated shelf wall decal plans we will get two beneficial things. There was the wall decal that we can get from this shelf, and the main function was as the real cube shelf for our home. Actually, the series of this shelf was not only from one cube shelf but trough several amount of shelf, so that if we just want a cube shelf we can try to separate and stuck in the wall. The colorful storage system decor from this shelf was also looking match with the style of a young generation and the stylish personality. We can try to place this cube shelf in our teen room or in our family room. Now, let’s see the complete design of these modern house storage designs. [source]

functional integrated shelf wall decal  plans 

modern house storage designs 

unique cube storage decor ideas 

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