Modern Functional Coat Hook Designs / Coat Hanger by Materious

April 9, 2015 Category: Uncategorized  

modern coat hanger designs

This modern coat hook decor idea was designed in combination of several dress hanger idea and try to being not only about the look of this product completely but also the style and fashionable side of this decoration. See the detail object that try to complete this product that try to show off our personality completely. The shape and style of this hook will ease us top store and save our fashion stuff. The round shape from the hook was giving small space for us to safe our glasses or our small fashion accessory. The round shape that can be as a hanger will give us a place to hang on our dress and other fashion stuff. The color application that covers this product was choose from the thought of modern and simple though. Furthermore, the white color was indicating clean and stylish color decoration and can be match with other color smoothly. As the complete choosing of wall decoration, you were invited to try on the functional coat hooks designs by Materious.

modern coat hook decor idea 

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