Modern Foyer Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

March 19, 2015 Category: Interior Design  

modern foyer interior design

Special for a small space, this small foyer decorating ideas was the great choice. Here, we can out our fashion complement and with personal touch. See for the modern and minimalist design, here we can open the cabinet like we’re open the drawer. Apply the color in the same concept and theme of the room. Complete your foyer paint color ideas with the bright and brave color to make the space look bigger than the true. Light the different color to differentiate the storage and the main of the hang table. Don’t hesitate to complete this space with modern foyer interior design. The simple and strong shapes of the furniture will strength the concept of our foyer. Other furniture was the place for our umbrella, rain coat, jacket, sweater, hat, or event to store the shoes. Next to the other space was foyer flooring ideas. We use a fur carpet for this modern design foyer or a light white color floor to make the space look bigger. Beforehand, let’s choose the right lighting for this space. Use a white bright for this space, or use a glass wall close to the space. Then enjoy the modern foyer lighting fixtures. [Arredokit Italy]

small foyer decorating ideas 

contemporary foyer paint color ideas