Modern Cube Black House Designs in Warsaw, Poland

January 19, 2015 Category: House design  

modern black house designs

Cube black house design plans were being the main theme of this house. The simple design combine with the unusual decoration was looking decorative and bring a new inspirational ideas for us. We will see completely that this house was tried to accommodate the need of modern and different performance of a house designs. Trough these decorative black house layouts we will get several ideas and inspiration design from the outdoor space. The designer was adding a garden decoration in this house that designed surrounded by. The green decoration was looking as the futuristic house exterior ideas since the designer was combining with the concrete fence. We will see the black color application was looking perfect combine with the natural decoration. The inside space of this urban house was design with the glass material so that we will get the bright atmosphere here. Trough this open plan black house interior decor we can see clearly the decoration of the inside space and the whole layouts of these modern black house designs. [via]

decorative black house layouts 

futuristic house exterior ideas 

cube black house design plans 

open plan black house interior decor