Modern Architecture: Dynamic Architecture Dubai’s Rotating Tower

March 8, 2015 Category: Architectures  

Architecture Dubai's Rotating Tower

Dubai has garnered much our attention in the recent of years today. With a never-ending supply of modern architecture, Dubai also creates their Dynamic Architecture, include Dubai’s Rotating Tower. This tower would be capable of rotating around a central axis. The form of this building would constantly change as each floor rotates separately that giving us a new view of the building as it turns. This is a modern building design because the view tower is the first building of its size to produce in a factory. Each floor, made up of more than 10 individual units, complete with plumbing the connections of electric, air conditioning, etc. what an amazing building!

This building is very special because this building is the first Dubai skyscraper Rotating Floors that the solar panels itself will be fitted on the roof to harness sunlight. This is the new era of architecture where you can create any kinds of building that you want. Is that right? Dynamic Architecture. [via]

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