Luxury Bathroom Ideas and Classic Bathroom Furniture Design by Lineatre

March 5, 2015 Category: Bathroom, Furniture  

luxury bathroom ideas white gold

There are a new innovation in bathroom decor and furniture designs from Lineatre, that are perfect for adding classic style and personality to create a luxury bathroom.  A Luxury spacious bathroom should be endowed with a host of creature comforts. The bathroom has transformed from a purely functional space in the house to one meant for relaxation and indulgence. Recent innovation in luxury bathroom fixtures include pedestal sinks that float on cabinets, so the options in flooring and wall coverings for bathrooms are endless. Faux finishes and accent walls are ideal in this room that is commonly a blank white canvas. Because bathroom walls tend to cover less area that walls in other parts of the house, it is easy to transform a wall with the latest designer color. This bathroom from lineatre – totally luxurious, the Gold Modular collection comes finished in a silver leaf finish or a lacquered patina finish with floral embellishments. This richness of hue is carried around these bathroom designs, using the detailing and accessories of another, more refined age. Indeed, the elegant drapes across the tubs and windows are elements we would normally expect to find in a living room. Likewise for the crystal chandeliers, heavy gilt frames and coffee table. Even beautifully upholstered chairs and footstools find their own space in Lineatre’s classic bathrooms. [via]
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