Khayangan Bali Villas, Beauty Resort Hotels with Traditional Design

February 27, 2015 Category: Architectures, Hotel, Villa  

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Bali is beautiful place and island, Khayangan estate, resorts and villas is a very unique residence that will forever change the way people thing about Bali luxury. The villa rests on the tip of Bali’s Bukit area. The district is known as the Beverly Hills of Bali. Below are white sands and rolling ocean waves. It is next door to the Bvlgari Resort. It is also close to Ayana and Four Seasons Resorts, and just 20 minutes from St. Regis Resort.
The name of Khayangan comes from the Sanskrit word for “Seventh Heaven”. This private Bali villa estate is stunning and heavenly. In fact, we believe it is the very best of the Bali luxury villa. It is situated in Uluwatu,next to Bvlgari Bali Resort, in one and a half hectares of lovely gardens. It rests on a cliff top, 170 metres above a white sand beach. The villa offers one of the best views in Bali, with a 180 degree vista of the Indian Ocean. There are few other luxury Bali villa with such a good view.
The villa’s charm lies in its unique design. It comprises two clusters of traditional, antique, wooden Javanese houses, known as joglos. These were once the homes of noble men. They have been carefully grouped to echo the feeling of a historical village in Java. And they have now been transformed into private Bali villa. The villa are set in a huge terraced garden, with dense beds of yellow irises, gently swaying palms, and fragrant flowering trees. Khayangan Villa is totally unique. It is quite different from any other luxury Bali villa or luxury Bali resort. More information visit the Khayangan Website.

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