Interior Home Decorating Ideas for Stone Wall Designs

March 20, 2015 Category: Home Design, Interior Design  

interior decorating wall living room

These uncommon stone wall interior design present mix old contemporary concept with sustainability living. This extraordinary shape from the stone can be a special and personal touch for our private bath room or our beloved kitchen. Here, we can give some personal stuff like a photograph or our collections in the wall rack on this material. Special for bath room concept, we can us the contemporary stone design. We can give some chandelier include an aroma therapy. This wall stone not only present in big scale but also for a small place close to the wash basin. The stone wall coverings the other side from our separated room. Say for example, this material can be the limit line to differentiate our rooms, here; we can separate between living room and kitchen for example. Uncommon for stone wall fireplace we can use a square shape with abstract and bold concept. This sustainability material will give the warm and natural atmosphere in our living room. Here we can use brown warm color. The strong texture from this material will make a friendly ambience when we enjoy our converse time in our living room. Use a big long sofa include with a retro stand lamp. Here, we can see some stone wall fireplace for home decorating and design. Enjoy! [Eldorado Stone]

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