Interior Design Stone Veneer Walls Pictures and Inspiration

March 15, 2015 Category: Interior Design  

interior stone walls rustic ledge

Here is the most believable architectural interior stone veneer walls can be a striking focal point in the entryway of your home. Cast from custom molds created, constructed of all natural materials and feels just like natural stone, these stone veneers collection can be used in kitchens, fireplace, living rooms or can be installed on any surface either interior or exterior decorations. Shown above is the Clearwater Rustic Ledge veneer, which created a relaxing and cozy effect when paired with traditional cool materials like stainless steel and laminated wood. Using Eldorado Stone as an interior stone walls design gives a contemporary look to a new building or elegant homes and gives an eye-catching feature to a concrete rock an interiors wall. [via]

interiors stone veneer walls 

interior design stone fireplace 


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