Inspiration Decorate Your Ethnic Contemporary Living Room Designs

March 12, 2015 Category: Living rooms  

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Are you confused for inspiration and ideas how to decorate your living room in ethnic style for your home décor? Ethnic interior design is more a feeling than a science, there are many style available that add a unique touch and look to any room. The Moroccan style of decor is characterized by deep, bold, jewel like colors and intricate, exquisite details like filigree, hand tooling and hand carving. Moroccan style decor is absolutely perfect if you want a bold look and comfortable atmosphere for any room. From rugs, couches, pillows, armoires, lamps, lanterns, tiles, mirrors and accessories, there are many pieces of furniture as well as accessories available that will help you create a Moroccan style room. The European style covers many different countries and ethnicities. From Italy to France to Scandinavia, there’s a wide range of styles to choose from that creates beautiful rooms. Why not create a Spanish room that incorporates Moroccan as well as European influences? The following are best samples of contemporary living room decorating ideas from Italian company Dall’Agnese with ethnic room décor style inspiration. [source]

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