Indian House Design and Plans Inspiration with Exterior Walls Construction Ideas

March 14, 2015 Category: House design  

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Cadence architects and designer homes in India have modern house designing architecture with the classic urban scenario, located in Bangalore. The pattern of holes in the leaf of the poured concrete exterior walls of sun spots in a whimsical patio. Shooting typical home garden in this space outside / inside in the center of the house, but in this innovative architectural design, he moved to the northwest corner of the front of the house. Taking the classic pattern has moved the Court to the corner to create new effects of spatial and formal. By moving the court to the fourth quadrant of the square, the cold to see the limitations of each program to accompany the Court to say that the designs of living room, dining room, not only would be much larger, but also relationships horizontal with the open court. Overall this is stunning house architecture in India can inspire you style of Indian house plans with photos. [via]

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