Indian Art Deco Home Interior Design Ideas / Marrakesh Residence

March 18, 2015 Category: Home Design, Interior Design  

indian art deco house design

Indian art deco house interior inspiring from the simple but looks glamour can bee seen in this review. This house was build in a large space with many open air rooms for a perfect air circulation. Come inside to this house, we can see a perfect match tiles with both yellow and gold color and completed with big door glass. Go along the corridor, we’ve hosting by white wall’s color and a perfect combining black and white floor tiles. This house was completed by both Indian indoor and outdoor living spaces. From the inside of the living room, we can enjoy the warm fireplace while we’re enjoying seeing the ground scenery through the glass wall. The gold wall and the red carpet was the extrinsic materials for support this environment. Go through this Indian outdoor corridor, we can enjoy the sun light with the gold warm wall color. This corridor include with specific tiles on the top of pole. For further information, let’s see this Indian home interior design ideas pictures. [U+B Architects]

indian art deco house plan 

art deco home interior decor 

art deco home decorating 

indian art deco interior design 


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  1. Sam says:

    This is a very beautiful Indian art deco house, I can’t say I have seen one before. The open air room is a great idea.


  2. How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot

  3. amith says:

    put some decent colours dude rubbish colours

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