Huge Classic Traditional House Design with Outdoor Swimming Pool Decorations by DDA

March 27, 2015 Category: House design  

classic traditional home decorating

This huge traditional home design was inspired from the classic resort in Bali. The Asian taste was can be seen clearly here. The huge roof and the wooden pole were expressing the Asian taste. This traditional home was suitable for the tropical or event a mountain resort. See the details of this traditional interior design, combine with the classic tile from clay, we can feel like walk in the ground. The hall way and the corridor was express the low profile and classic personality of the owner. Complete with the fountain close by with the corridor, we can feel like we were walk along the river. The wooden material was expressing the warm personality of the owner. The big roof was covering the traditional taste of the house. The stone was welcome us from the main gate of this house. Even though this house close with the artificial pond, but still complete with the outdoor traditional home’s swimming pool. The design of the pool was give the fresh feeling and the new experience when we throw away. Special for those who want to get the real experience of the traditional taste, they can try to use this classic traditional home decorating for their home. [DDA]

outdoor traditional home's swimming pool 

huge traditional home design 

zen like home looks like resort 

traditional interior design concept