Futuristic Bike Museum and Showroom Designs with Trendy and Up to Date Imaginations

February 12, 2015 Category: Uncategorized  

unlimited bike museum designs

This futuristic bike collection showroom was show the handsome arrangement from the designer of this place and the placement of the whole bike stuff. We can see the practical arrangement of this place with humankind style and modern look. The minimal expression of the designer also sparks along this bike showroom space. This place was separate with several spaces that have an identical style. There was the riding helm display look, foldable bike designs landscape, trendy riding shoes layouts, and systematically bicycle tools imagination that will ease us to choose our need of our bike and our riding stuff.

Branding for the shop was created by Marcel Batlle, who provided the following description: “The project started with the owner of the shop, a bicycle and cycling enthusiast called Javier Maya, 9 months ago. The idea is to offer much more than just a cycling shop. We have showers for use after training, a nice TV to watch Giro, Le Tour, Paris Roubaiz, There is a paved entry, making reference to the name of the shop and the classic bicycle race. The shop is 700m2 with lots of space where you can enjoy all the products.”

We can see the complete need of a bike rider in this place with both modern and trendy look. The whole things that show by these nice displaying space images were completed with the application of this strong bike body planner. The bike body was necessary for every single biker in this world. They have to have a comfortable ride for their hobby and pleasure. These up to date bicycle series were available in these unlimited bike museum designs. Designed by architect Joan Sandoval, via.

futuristic bike collection showroom 

foldable bike designs landscape 

nice displaying space images 

riding helm display look 

strong bike body planner 

systematically bicycle tools imagination 

trendy riding shoes layouts 

up to date bicycle series