Contemporary Wooden Bathroom Furniture Designs by Neutra

April 10, 2015 Category: Bathroom, Furniture  

contemporary bathroom furniture designs pictures

These contemporary bathroom furniture designs pictures by Neutra will give us several bathroom furniture inspirations. The concept was tried to combine both modern and natural decoration of bathroom furniture. According to idea, here we will see the complete decoration of bathroom furniture include with the bathroom appliance inside on. The compatible material that use tom make this furniture was come from the idea that bathroom was a space that can be indicate as a place that close to the nature. See the detail concept of the decorative stand wash basin plans and the classic bathtub design idea from this series. Clearly we can see that both of that stuff was cover with wood in the bottom side of this stuff. The natural color from the bathtub and wash basin was still looking natural and same with the real condition of the wood. The bathtub was hold up with the real wooden bench and the wash basin was cover with the wood container. Feeling interested with this bathroom furniture? Go ahead to this site and see the complete series of this simple bathroom furniture plans.

classic bathtub design idea 

simple bathroom furniture plans 

decorative stand wash basin plans