Contemporary Wall Cabinet Storage Idea / Elegant Decorative Furniture

April 14, 2015 Category: Furniture  

contemporary pixel wall cabinet plans

This wooden cabinet storage decor will make our house space looking more beautiful and awesome. That statement can be seen from the whole performance of this cabinet decoration. We can see clearly from the material that use to design this furniture and the decoration that stuck on this furniture. See the detail decoration of this wall side that uses the contemporary pixel wall cabinet plans. The pixel decoration of this furniture was inspired from the bore design of wall unit. The awesome look and ornamentation of this wall cabinet will look so great since the whole performance of this furniture was the combination of both vintage and classic. Furthermore, this unique wall cabinet design idea can be more perfect if we can place additional stuff and house accessory. The metal construction or an iron accessory will be match with this wall cabinet. The huge design of this furniture will maximize our house space, and the unique design of this wall cabinet will give awesome decoration for our home space. Special for those who love in something unusual decoration that combine with traditional look, they were invited to try on these modern cabinet decor designs.

unique wall cabinet design idea 

modern cabinet decor  designs 

wooden cabinet storage decor