Contemporary Garage Remodeling Idea being Small Living Area

April 9, 2015 Category: Living rooms  

black small living idea

This black small living idea was come from the wasting garage space. The idea was try to remodel and decorate a wasting space being functional and useful. According to that idea, the designer was tried to decorate from the outdoor first. Clearly we can see the black color application was cover this garage living space. Come inside to this house we will see the functional garage conversion decor that combine from a lot of house space. We will see the living room space, space saving kitchen idea decor, and the small loft bedroom inspiration was decorated in one space. The different style from those space combinations was the placement and the decoration. the designer was combine those entire space since this house living idea was design in small space so that here the designer was try to maximize the function of the space. It was a great house decoration from the simple though. The contemporary garage conversion designs that will be look more outstanding and fabulous if we can try to combine with several out of the box idea. So don’t be hesitating to start your dream especially for the small garage conversion design idea. [source]

small garage conversion design idea 

contemporary garage conversion designs 

functional garage conversion decor 

small loft bedroom inspiration 

space saving kitchen idea decor