Architecture in India: Pearl Academy of Fashion by Morphogenesis

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Architecture Pearl Academy of Fashion

The Pearl Academy of Fashion architecture is located in Jaipur, India. This place is about 11,745 sqm which by virtue of its design is geared towards creating an environmentally responsive passive habitat. The radical architecture of the institute of the institute emerges from a fusion of the rich traditional building knowledge bank and cutting edge contemporary architecture. This institute also included in the top 10 fashion design institutes in India as the third ranks. The architecture of this academy needed to be confluence of modern adaptations of traditional indo-Islamic architectural elements and passive cooling strategies prevalent in the hot-dry desert climate of Rajasthan such as open courtyards, water body , a step-well or perforated stone screen.
The building is protected from the environment by a double skin which is derived from a traditional building element. The double skin acts as a thermal buffer between the building and the surroundings. The outer skin sits 4 feet away from the building and reduces the direct heat gain through fenestrations. Drip channels running along the inner face and allow for passive downdraft evaporative cooling, thus reducing the incident wind temperature. The scheme relies on self shading sliver courts is used to control the temperatures of internal spaces and open stepped wells while allowing for sufficient day lighting inside studios and class rooms.
The materials used for construction are a mix of local stone, steel, glass, and concrete chosen keeping in mind the climatic needs of the region while retaining the progressive design intent. Besides having become a very successful model for cost effective passive architecture in desert regions the design and facilities of the campus complement the ideology of the Pearl Academy of Fashion – a cutting edge design institute with a sustainable approach. Shortly, The Pearl Academy of Fashion is an exemplar of an inclusive architecture which intends to accommodate all the heritage values while positioning it within the contemporary cultural and architectural paradigm. Architects: Morphogenesis [source]

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