Antique Table Lamps Lighting Collection for Home Decor

February 24, 2015 Category: Home Design, Lighting  

Antique Gecko Table Lamps Red

Antique table lamps can make your home decor feel more elegant and sets the mood for the room. You just bought a new house and want to make your dream home now to decorate the best of your imagination? Or is it just that now I really want a new look! If yes, then you must plan the decoration step by step, so that every nook and corner of your house compliments one another.

Perhaps the first thing you pick the paint color for your home decor. But you know that all colors have their share of the lighting to animate. Well, yes, it is a fact and table lamps are a cheap and beautiful home environment. Many times, buyers of its drive to make your dream house come true, make quick purchases and collect table lamps at any store that it finds. Most times these purchases are based buyers only see lights. However, for an effective, there are many other factors to consider that is not seen.

The first thing to consider when buying a table lamp is – if it suits your taste and goes well with the nuances of your home to make it colorful and vivid. Lamp size and shape are also important. The table lamp you choose should reflect your personality, comfort mud, easy to use and maintain, especially on a budget. You should also check the material for the table lamp and ensure that it conforms to the size of your home – it’s ridiculous to place a large table lamp in the corner of a small house, where every corner must be used effectively. You should also pay attention to the placement of the table lamp. If glass or other fragile material, store in a safe place that is beyond the reach of children, whether in your home. Depending on the purpose of the lamp, its power must be chosen. For example, for the study of fire must be at least 60 watts lighting, while for decorative purposes may be much smaller.

Durian Table Lamp in Green 

Fortune Large Lamp Frame 

Barrel Table Lamp Sea Blue 

Jellyfish Table Lamps Multi Colors 


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  1. smarty says:

    Great collection of table lamps though the first one is a bit different.

  2. bamboo says:

    i am also from the bamboo home decor, such design are really cool, like art!

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